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Self Study and Group Study

These courses are created to facilitate your learning through your own momentum. You receive personalized coaching from LJW & the MVP through the course content.

"The intention in every moment of working with you is to bring you into alignment with yourself as pure Source energy, pure love. It is through this intention and the frequency that is extended out to you, that you make the most profound shifts on an energetic level. It is through this internal change of your energy, that your external world starts to come into alignment with your desires." LJW & the MVP

Private Sessions with LJW & the MVP

Private sessions allow you to get to the core of your problems and shift them immediately. This is intense, powerful work that unfolds for months afterwards.

Liza says, "People come to us wanting to know how to change their external world, we help them discover their internal world that is the key to it all. The most fun part is, that it just seems like we are having a conversation, but so much more is happening. I often hear from people days later saying, they can't put their finger on it but they just feel different and life seems so much easier or they are in love with themselves and life and it's like everything is in 3D. When we hear this we know, they are living in their Source and it makes us so happy."

What people are saying about Source Connected Souls

"Liza provides amazing support and deep accountability. Her no nonsense, yet caring approach, doesn't allow me to sink back into old patterns and keeps me focused on growth. My biggest take-a-way from the program so far is to listen to my body with love for the truth always lies within." Tracy L.

In just the first week Sarah R. says "My biggest a-ha is knowing that we have control of the energy flowing through us. That is very powerful. I'm changing already.


Source Connected Souls

Personalize Private Mentoring with LJW & the MVP

Are you ready to release old energy, negative feelings and past experiences that are blocking you from living your soul's purpose?

Would you like the tools shift this energy on your own, any time and any where? 

Are you ready to be free from the shame, guilt and fear that is holding you back from living your best life? 

Have you been trying to take your life to the next level? But haven't been able to consistently do so, missing out the peace, harmony, happiness, health & wealth that is your birthright?

Would you like to be able to blend your natural spiritual gifts into your every day experience, enhancing your life and those you come in contact with? Helping shift the consciousness of this planet.


In this 10 week private mentorship program you will:

  • Connect to your higher guidance and know yourself deeply as a spiritual being
  • Evolve your consciousness and have the confidence to hold and sustain that expanded state of awareness
  • Create the life of your dreams through conscious, intentional energy work that rewrites old negative patterns and releases limiting beliefs

Plus you will:

  • Have lifetime access to this life changing information to support you on your journey
  • Work personally with LJW & the MVP each week via private and group coaching calls to make the powerful shifts you've been asking for

Are you ready to connect, evolve and create? Then let's get in touch. Book a FREE call today to see if we are an energetic fit.



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