Love Yourself. Love Life.

Our self love is our point of attraction.

Learning about the nature of our reality and the role self love plays in our ability to create the life we desire, are the two topics Liza focuses on in her work with the MVP. Are you wondering what connection to your higher guidance sounds like? It sounds just like you, well Liza in this case. Here is a short audio where Liza brings through the Universal Wisdom that the MVP offers. Enjoy the energy and the shift that will follow.

Liza Jane Wolf is a soul connector and divine channel of Infinite Intelligence. Her work here on earth is to assists others in reuniting with their soul, through the process of conscious spiritual awakening. Helping them move beyond the fear and doubt that has held them back to recognize the Infinite Intelligence within. After working with her, clients freely live as an expression of their souls innate wisdom. Liza does this through being a dynamic energy worker and holding space for others in all her work with clients and at her live events. 

Here are some heartfelt words form some of Liza's clients. 

Sitting in the room while Liza channeled the MVP was both awe inspiring and life changing. I have always been told contentment with where and who you are is the number one goal in life. However until that day I did not truly understand  what that meant. I have never felt such peace, love and joy in my life.  The best part is, now that I know what it feels like, I know what I'm striving for everyday.  --- Erin M.

As Liza started to channel, I had no idea what to expect.  I was watching her carefully.  But as she allowed the MVP to come through I knew immediately that this was not Liza. The MVP was so kind and the feeling was so loving.  The questions I asked were answered with infinite patience. Reminding me that I am ONE with ALL.   Even though my whole body was physically vibrating, I felt very calm, safe and loved.  A wonderful experience that I look forward to repeating again.
Update:  Now that some time has passed from my first session with the MVP I can see that the information given to me has been very helpful.  MVP spoke to me directly about the relationship that my son and I have on a soul level. My son is a teenager.  This information has truly help me see that no matter what the appearances, he and I are connected deeply and I feel at ease.

---  Jennifer R.S.

I review my session with you quite often, and I always hear something new every time I listen to it. You have helped me process my grief, and made me more confident in the decisions that I had to make at the time.    ----  M.L.A



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